Our Mission

The mission of Black Flag Kungfu is to serve our students, our community, and our art to the best of our ability.

We intend to accomplish our mission through dedication of teaching, making our art available to those who desire to learn, and nurturing the growth and proliferation of Black Flag Kungfu.

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Welcome to Black Flag Kungfu!

As of April 1, 2015, we have closed this location.  Suhu Dan Brandt is still teaching nearby and you can reach him at (540) 207-8841.  --Suhu John Hackmeyer


A message from Suhu (Sifu) John Hackmeyer:

Hek Ki Boen (HKB = Black Flag) Kungfu has brought many great things to my life over the years. This unique martial art/science allows its practitioners to improve health, improve overall quality of life, and of course, learn physical skills that translate into the ability to stay safe in an ever increasingly dangerous world.

I am often asked, "What makes Black Flag unique?" And while I believe that one must experience HKB to truly understand the answers to this question, I can give you a couple of examples: First, HKB is not only a martial art, but it is also a martial science. There are many martial arts. In short, the "art" in the term "martial art" reflects the fact that individual practitioners of the same art will likely express their skills in slightly different ways even though the students have a common knowledge base. In other words, no two martial artists perform a given martial art exactly the same. HKB is no different in that regard. However, HKB is also a martial science. A martial science is a system that integrates variables such as time, space, energy, and reference points in such a way that a three-dimensional system of defense is created in which the practitioner can respond to any attack in the most efficient and effective manner possible. And while that explanation is admittedly a bit ethereal, it will become crystal clear after only a short time studying HKB. And we have a saying in our HKB family that 'feeling is believing', so I invite you to feel HKB for yourself.

My second example of the uniqueness of HKB is the fact that HKB tightly integrates its philosophy with the concepts of time, space, and energy, and it also has physical training methods that allow its practitioners to feel these concepts in order to hone their skills. For instance, it has been my experience that very few martial artists know the feeling of transferring energy. I have been involved with various martial arts since I was 14 years old and not only had I never experienced this, but I did not even know it existed. Once I began studying HKB, I very quickly realized that there is a world of difference between traditional martial arts in which energy is utilized and HKB in which energy is transferred. Again, I realize that this concept is difficult to grasp from merely reading this text, so I invite you try HKB for yourself. The bottom line is that I don't want you to take my word for it; I want you to experience it first-hand!

Even if you do not live in an area that has an HKB school, you can still learn HKB via our remote training program, HKB GPS (Hek Ki Boen Global Professional Solution). This system is designed so that dedicated students are rewarded with real HKB skill that is both measurable and testable. You can learn more about HKB GPS on our Programs page.

In conclusion, I am eager to welcome you into our HKB family and have you experience everything that HKB has to offer. Contact me if you are ready to begin your journey or if you have any questions.


Suhu John Hackmeyer