About Suhu Hack

Suhu Hack has been studying HKB since 2006, and brings a unique perspective, approach, and skill set to teaching. He is a Master Instructional Designer, Content Developer, and former Systems Engineer. Suhu Hack also holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. His unique synthesis of these fields of expertise allows him to design and deliver a curriculum that is optimized for effectiveness and efficiency. 

About Black Flag Kungfu

Hek Ki Boen (HKB = Black Flag) Kungfu is a unique martial practice that combines art and science. Its practitioners improve their health, overall quality of life, and fitness. They also learn and hone the physical skills for self defense and preservation, but these things are common to many martial arts practices. The science behind creating the most powerful, most efficient physical movement—how it feels—is what makes Black Flag Kungfu such a unique and highly-regarded discipline.

Feeling is Believing

HKB tightly integrates its philosophy with the concepts of time, space, and energy, and gives practitioners the physical training to feel these concepts in order to hone their skills. Very few martial artists know how it feels to transfer energy. There is a world of difference between traditional martial arts, in which energy is utilized, and HKB, in which energy is transferred. We believe that feeling is believing, and invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

The Art & the Science

There are many martial arts. In short, the “art” in the term “martial art” reflects the fact that individual practitioners of the same art will likely express their skills in slightly different ways, even though the students have a common knowledge base. No two martial artists perform exactly the same. HKB is no different in that regard.

A martial science is a system that integrates variables such as time, space, energy, and reference points to create a three-dimensional system of defense in which the practitioner can respond to any attack in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The science of time, space, matter, and energy—the melding of martial art and martial science into a martial practice—this is what makes HKB unique.

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