Apply to Train

Apply to Train

We have a saying in our HKB family that Feeling is believing, so I invite you to feel HKB for yourself. 

It has been my experience that very few martial artists, regardless of how long they have been studying, have experienced the intensity of combining art and science to transfer energy with power and efficiency. I have been involved with various martial arts since I was 14 years old,  and not only had I never experienced this feeling, but I didn’t even know it existed. Once I began studying HKB, I very quickly realized that there is a world of difference between traditional martial arts and HKB. But that difference is difficult to grasp from merely reading this text, so I invite you to try HKB for yourself. Don’t take my word for it—experience it firsthand.

I am eager to welcome you into our HKB family and have you experience everything that HKB has to offer.


Suhu John Hackmeyer