An intense, demanding martial practice

Hek Ki Boen (HKB), or “Black Flag” Kungfu, is not just a martial art. It is an integration of art and science, a formidable training of mind and body. At Black Flag Kungfu, we know that “Feeling is Believing”, so we invite you to apply for a complimentary trial training period with Suhu John Hackmeyer, who is currently the only HKB certified instructor in North America.

Hybrid Training

Weekly 30-minute private Zoom sessions, two 60-minute group Zoom sessions per month, and in-person seminars/testing twice a year

In-Person Training

Located in the Savannah, Georgia area

Complimentary Trial Period

Try HKB for one month, twice
a week, for free, and see if you
can handle it

I started training with Suhu Hack and noticed my martial art skills greatly improve. His methods of teaching and explaining the concepts and science of HKB are exceptional! This is no ordinary martial art.
Jason Weyl
The training is both very difficult and rewarding. I feel I have a greater sense of confidence and strength, and it's all thanks to Suhu Hack.
Joel Jones
Student, Georgia Tech
Suhu Hack has done an excellent job making learning HKB remotely a rich experience. I have taken in-person martial arts classes in the past and none have gone to this level of detail. I would strongly recommend Suhu Hack for anyone wanting to learn kungfu.
Gabriel Martinez
The simplicity, directness, and efficiency of the art drew me into Black Flag Kungfu. It was Suhu Hack's knowledge and demonstration of the art that put me over the top.
Vince Hill

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